About Us

The company

FreshStart Logistics was founded in 2008 by a distinguished group of logistics and computer science experts. FreshStart’s technology has been used for years as the dominant solution for real-time, on-demand paratransit routing and dispatch optimization. FreshStart has applied its innovative approach to optimize mobile asset routing and scheduling for a wide range of transportation applications.

What we do

FreshStart Logistics specializes in the deployment and support of next generation easy-to-integrate, customize, and use route & schedule optimization technology.

Our real-time scheduling solutions offer our clients:

  • Superior heuristic modeling. FreshStart’s engine is built on patented, heuristic scheduling technology developed by William Ho based on his artificial intelligence and expert systems research.
  • Faster, improved results. Benchmarking has proven that FreshStart’s real-time expert dispatch engine runs 10x-100x faster and averages 50% better results than other transportation optimization engines available.
  • Customer-centric solutions. FreshStart has an unrelenting commitment to ongoing R&D that leverages customer and partner suggestions, technology advances, and new solution techniques.

Who we serve

Clients desiring a competitive edge through high performance fleet and route optimization in dynamic, real-time routing and scheduling. Our technology solutions are particularly well suited to shippers, carriers, and other transportation service providers in need of highly dynamic optimization of their transportation execution.