Real-time demand response in the dispatch workflow

Real-time demand response in the dispatch workflow

The Next Generation of Optimization Technology

FreshStart Logistics believes there is a real and huge opportunity to bridge the gap of critical planner operational knowledge with our expert systems approach to delivering technology.

Tribal Knowledge; Every planner and dispatcher has critical operational intelligence that is utilized each and every day to develop the best plans to be executed. Our approach is to imprint the engine with your tribal knowledge to ensure the “human heuristics” are considered.

Transportation System Master Data; The most up-to-date information must be considered for optimal results which includes the following, but not limited to the following:

  • MaaS: Mileage as a Service, link to mileage based engine for distance consideration
  • RaaS: Rating as a Service, link to your rate source for all modes of transportation
  • Travel Prediction: link to solutions providing real-time road data for optimal planning

Results: The results provide less manipulation before execution with the speed of technology incorporating critical tribal knowledge for faster results for bottom-line savings.

Technology Approach

FreshStart Logistic’s takes an expert systems approach to transportation optimization. Our engine addresses problems in the manner of a human expert but leverages the full power and precision of today’s computing platforms. The outcome is a highly adaptive platform yielding consistently higher quality of results returned with unmatched sub-second run-time.

FreshStart Technology is designed according to the following principles:

Description Result Benefit
Principle 1: Configurable solution framework
Evolving solution models enabled by dynamic libraries of constraints and preferences. Robust yet flexible logical framework to mimic and leverage human expertise and learning. Create and enforce the right unique scenarios for your business and leverage for continuous improvements as your process evolves.
Principle 2: Limit the search space
Exclude non-conforming combinations early in the solution process to limit the solution space searched. Up to 100x improvement of run-time performance over typical industry methods while enhancing result quality. Runtime performance enables real-time optimization of vehicles on the road in response to changing facts on the ground.
Principle 3: Search with global perspective
Evaluate global impact of assignment decisions by tracking all non-exclusive feasible assignment options and selecting the optimal exclusive set. Methodology approaches the global optimal solution in unmatched runtime. Market leading efficiency improvements in terms of costs, miles, the number of vehicles, driver hours, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions.

Our patented expert dispatch optimization technology continuously makes real-time adjustments to route and consolidation plans as real world events (such as pickup, delivery, status update, traffic update, vehicle availability) unfold and affect the plan. Our comprehensive approach delivers dramatic efficiency gains that provide improved service using fewer vehicles.

FreshStart Logistics goes beyond the scope of traditional batch route and schedule planning systems by providing a real-time expert dispatch engine that stays in the execution loop to enable split-second expert optimization.
FreshStart gives you a highly competitive advantage by offering:

  • Real-time response. Proprietary approach adds shipments and orders into a fleet of on duty vehicles in sub-second run-time while providing industry leading results.
  • Optimal dispatch. Our unique expert system emulates dispatcher expertise by identifying and managing all at-risk events at lightning fast speeds.
  • Automated optimal assignment. We offer a robust rules engine and strategy framework that automates the optimal assignment of shipments and orders to vehicles and routes throughout the entire dispatch process until all activities are completed.